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Install CWM In Android

There are different methods to install or flash CWM recovery over your Stack android recovery, While maximum times we prefer the easy and fast method by using ROM manager or Recovery manager. ROM manager is basically the best method available. ROM manager is actually an App available on Google play.

Its easier to install CWM recovery on a Rooted Phone. So one must Root his android device before installing CWM. Age foot access has been acknowledged one can easily use RIM manager or recovering manager to install CWM. but this is not the case with every phone. One must first Google about installing CMW on their specific devices. Like for Samsung there is no way that the above apps will serve your purpose. Rather installing Odin on your commodore or laptop will help you to root it and install CWM. You should also know that Rooting voids your warranty. So must know the advantages of android rooting and disadvantages of android rooting.

Booting Into ClockworkMod Recovery

Well we have different methods to boot our device into CWM once we have installed it on our android device. Go On and read the methods :
  1. Just Open ROM Manager App and choose the Recovery which you have installed most probably choose the 5.x+ version of CWM. but this is not for all. just let yourself know beforehand which recovery are you flashing on your device. after this just tap on the second available option that is the “Reboot in Recovery Mode”. That’s it Just Provide SuperUser access to the App and your device will reboot into CWM recovery mode.
  2. If you have ABD installed on your PC then you need not do anything from your device. Just Switch Debugging Mode ON from Settings > Applications > Development. Now Connect device to your PC. launch a Command Prompt or Terminal window on your computer and then enter this command: “adb reboot recovery”. And wearedone with CWM reboot.
    • For this method you need to have installed your device drivers onto your PC so that the ADB can connect to your Phone easily.
  3. If both the above options doesn’t suits you then we have another option for you. Every Device has its own Shortcut to reboot into recovery mode.
    Like for Samsung android devices we have to press vol+ back and Power button while booting and the Phone starts in recovery mode. while for Micromax we have to press power and vol+ button. just Search and read about what is your device’s shortcut for rebooting into recovery mode.
Note : Do with your own risk

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