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Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2 (Tugas 2)

1. Find the definition of information question (5W+1H), yes/no questions, and tag question ?
Answer :

Information Question (5W+1H)

The questions answered in the lead of a conventional newspaper article: who, what, when, where, why and how. Information questions are also called "Wh-" questions because many of the words that are used to ask this type of question begin with Wh-.

The 5Ws + H formula has been attributed to English rhetorician Thomas Wilson, who introduced the method in his discussion of the "seven circumstances" of medieval rhetoric
To be a journalist 5W 1H is very important, especially to write "lede" (some call it "leads") news, which is a paragraph (or two paragraphs) opening news. In approximately 35-40 words, should insert the 5W 1H. It was in the news writing.

Yes/No Questions

The answers for simple questions in English are "Yes,","No," or "I don't know" (or its equivalent). The answers for information questions are varied--because they are used to ask about specific kinds of information.
There are 2 types of interrogative sentence in English (question words), namely:  
a.       The WH question words 
b.      Yes or no questions

Yes-no question can be made by changing the declarative sentence (statement). You have to know which one subject, the main verb (not followed by any verb), and helping / auxiliary verb (primary auxiliary verb / capital). Brief explanation is as follows.

Tag Questions 

A question tag or tag question (also known as tail question) is a grammatical structure in which a declarative statement or an imperative is turned into a question by adding an interrogative fragment (the "tag"). For example, in the sentence "You're John, aren't you?", the statement "You're John" is turned into a question by the tag "aren't you". The term "question tag" is generally preferred by British grammarians, while their American counterparts prefer "tag question".

2. Make your own example of sentence using those 3 kinds of question (each kind 5 examlpes) ?

 Answer :

Information Question (5W+1H)
·         What was he watching? = sedang menonton apa dia?
·         Who are they? = siapa mereka?
·         Where do you live? = dimana kamu tinggal?
·         When do you marry? = kapan kamu menikah?
·         Why did it happen? = mengapa hal itu terjadi?
·         How did it happen? = bagaimana hal itu terjadi?

Yes/No Questions

a. Does he drink a juice ?
    Yes, he does
    No. he does not

b. Do they make fried rice ?
    Yes, they do
     No, they do not

c.  Did you go to hospital yesterday ?
     Yes, i did
      No, i did not

d. Is father in the room ?
    Yes, he is
    No, he is not

e. Was you sick last week ?
    Yes, i was
     No, i wasn't

Tag Question :

-  Cerly is a very smart, isn't she? Yes, she is.
-  Budi likes watching a anime film, doesn't he? Yes, he does.
-  My mother isn’t a doctor, is she? No, she isn't.
-  My sister doesn't like a dog, does she? No, she doesn't
-  He can go to school today, can't he? Yes, he does

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