Selasa, 03 Desember 2013

Datapack PES 2014 PS3

Here is datapack and also update for pes 2014 blus31322

how to use:
1. install UP0001-BLUS31322_PES2014-DATAPACK-1.1_SCOFIELD-FIXED.pkg first
2. open multiman file manager, find dev_hdd0/game/BLUS31322
3. rename become BLUS31322_DATAPACK
4. Quit multiman
5. install UP0101-BLUS31322_00-PES2014PATCH01-SCOFIELD.pkg
6. put Ps3 to recovery mode and choose option 4 REBUILD DATABASE
7. after that play and enjoy.

Click here for file 1:

Click here for file 2:

new update:
save data:
Changes 0.5:

Added J-League (Incomplete replaces PES League II)
Adjusted some of the team lineups
Few more transfers *Won't do them all I'll wait for one of the data packs to do that*
All Premier League Team Kits (few need to be edited to make them look better)
Improved other Premier League Team Kits
The FA Cup Logo
Premier League Logo
Premier League Team Names
Premier League Emblems

Click here to download:
Save data

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